Teen Shoots At Burglar In Pueblo via kktv.com

Police say to watch out for suspicious people who are kicking in back doors when they find nobody home. It’s happening on the east side of Pueblo.

A 14-year-old was home alone Wednesday when he reportedly heard someone in his house….

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Police say Louisville home invasion victim pulled gun, shot suspect via wdrb.com

Louisville Metro Police say what appears to have been a home invasion in southeast Louisville was foiled when the victim pulled a gun and shot one of the suspects….

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Restaurant employee scares off pair of armed robbers, The San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego, Calif. via NRA-ILA

A pair of masked and armed men entered the Uncle Tony’s Italian Cuisine restaurant in Vista, Calif. intent on robbing the establishment. An employee spotted the criminals, retrieved a gun and fired at the robbers…

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Grandmother fights off shotgun-wielding robber, The Shreveport Times, Shreveport, La. 01/06/14 via NRA-ILA

63-year-old Elzie Pipkins was at home in Shreveport, La. when an intruder armed with a shotgun forced his way inside the house. Once inside, the intruder ordered Pipkins’ granddaughter to fill a bag with valuables

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90-year-old store owner stops robber, The Dayton Daily News, Ohio, 12/31/13 via NRA-ILA

90-year-old George Hicks was working at the laundromat he owns in Dayton, Ohio when a man came into the store and asked for change for a five dollar bill. With the cash drawer open on the store’s register, the man confronted Hicks and demanded all of the money…
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