Good Guy With a Gun Stopped Mass Shooting at Florida Car Dealership via

Good guys with guns, at the scene, are the fastest, most effective way to end a mass shooting situation. Good guys with guns can come in many forms – police officers, armed security, armed business owners, and concealed carriers.

During an incident in Taylor County, FL yesterday, at a car dealership, our good guy came in the form of a Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy who was getting his car serviced at the dealership.

Deputy Robert Lundy was waiting for his vehicle when 51-year-old Earl Edward Clague Jr. drove his vehicle through the front of the dealership, exited the vehicle and opened fire with a semi-auto shotgun (shotguns seem to be the mass murderer’s weapon of choice lately).

Deputy Lundy engaged the shooter and opened fire. Clague was shot and killed by Deputy Lundy during the exchange of gunfire.

Deputy Lundy and two other people, both employees of the dealership, were shot by Clague. All three are expected to recover.


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